FLIR FC-Series T

FLIR FC-Series T

Thermal imaging cameras for traffic monitoring ­applications

FC Series T

hermal imaging cameras produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. They need no light whatsoever to operate. Another advantage is that they can produce an image in practically all weather conditions. They can see through light rain, light fog and even through smoke.

Thermal imaging cameras are also perfect for seeing in broad daylight. They are not hindered by reflections or direct glare from the sun.

It makes thermal imaging cameras ideal instruments for a wide variety of traffic monitoring applications such as:
–    Vehicle detection at intersections
–    Road side monitoring
–    Monitoring traffic in tunnels
–     Highway traffic management


320x240 kopie.png  The FLIR FC-Series T are equipped with a maintenance free uncooled microbolometer detector that produces images of no less than 320×240 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen. 
lenses   FLIR Systems offers the FLIR FC-Series T with different lens options. They are available with a 9 mm, 13 mm or 19 mm lens. Longer lenses offer a narrower field of view so that you can see farther.
one touch.png   All FLIR FC-Series T thermal imaging camera can be installed on existing infrastructure. There is no need for huge civil works or to open up the road. They can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure providing early detection and visibility 24/7 all the year round.
IP66   The FC-Series T are extremely rugged systems. Their vital core is well protected, meeting IP66 requirements, against dust and water ingress. They operate between -50 ºC and +75 ºC. ­Perfect for all climates.
easy to install Thermal imaging cameras:

  • Need no light to operate
  • See in total darkness in practically all weather conditions
  • Can be used in daylight as well
  • Eliminate problems that face with visible camera detection systems such as missed or false calls
  • Serve as a simple plug and play replacement for existing visible cameras
  • Are extremely affordable and
  • easy-to-use