Voyager II , III

FLIR Voyager II / Voyager III


Voyager II / Voyager III’s wide-angle thermal camera lets you detect other boats or hazards easily, while its long-range 140 mm thermal camera lets you zoom in on them to get the valuable information you need to react in time.
The only commercial maritime thermal night vision camera with continuous thermal zoom, the best image quality in the industry, and the longest thermal lens on the market, it’s no surprise that Voyager II / Voyager III is the proven anti-piracy system of choice for yachts, police boats, and cargo vessels around the world.


Voyager II / Voyager III
Wide angle and long range thermal night vision cameras give you the ultimate combination of imaging performance.

  • With 4× optical zoom and 15x total zoom Voyager II / Voyager III lets you see even farther at night.
  • Powerful, long-range daylight/lowlight color TV camera with 26× optical zoom, and 312× total zoom, allows you to identify other boats and monitor activity onshore from farther away.
  • Active gyro-stabilization provides steady imagery, even in rough seas; this is critical for getting the most out of Voyager II / Voyager III’s long-range imaging capability.
  • Radar Tracking feature allows operators to use the Voyager II / Voyager III to identify and track specified radar returns, enhancing vessel safety in low visibility conditions.
  • Internet remote control feature lets you operate your Voyager II / Voyager III from any location in the world with a suitable internet connection, so you can check on your boat even when you’re away.
  • Expanded interface capability lets Voyager II / Voyager III work hand-in-hand with your other marine electronics.

Voyager III only

  • Automatic video tracking system
    The Voyager III comes with a FLIR developed video tracking system. The user can select a given target. Selecting and engaging in tracking mode is easily done by the touch of a button. Once the tracker is engaged, the Voyager III will follow the object as long as it can be seen. The tracking systems works with both the thermal and visual camera.
  • Temperature indication
    The Voyager III provides information on hot areas in the thermal images. Pixels that exceed the user programmed threshold will appear colored on the screen. A user can for example decide to have all parts of the image that are above 100 ºC appear in a different color. When the thermal camera is completely zoomed out, when it is in the wide field of view, it will display the temperature of the center of the image on the left of the thermal image. image_1
  • Automatic video tracking system and temperature indication 

    Voyager II: Joystick Control Unit
    The ergonomic Voyager II joystick control unit provides push-button access to all critical system functions, an on-screen menus system for camera configuration, and smooth, effortless control, even in rough seas.

    • Joystick – Provides smooth, ergonomic control of where the Voyager II is looking, even in rough seas.
    • Night – Switches the Voyager II’s thermal imagery between black-and-white display, and black-and-red display setting which is not as bright, making it easier to watch at night and safeguarding your night vision.
    • Scene – Provides a variety of pre-set gain and level adjustments (Night Running, Day Running, Man Overboard, or Night Docking) so that operators can get the best image quality possible throughout a wide range of conditions.
    • AF – Automatically focuses the long-range thermal imager’s telephoto lens on your area of interest, making it easier to hold Voyager II on distant objects.
    • Zoom – Activates the continuous zoom function on thermal and daylight/lowlight imagers so that you can easily shift from wide angle to telephoto view.
    • Home – Automatically returns the camera to the user programmed position, making it easier to navigate safely in total darkness.
    • Stab – Turns the internal gyro-stabilization on and off.


  • Voyager II joystick control unit
    Voyager III: Joystick Control UnitThe ergonomic M-Series controller provides ready access to all critical system functions and smooth, effortless control, even in rough seas.

    • Heated LCD Screen – Provides instant display of system status.
    • User-programmable “hot key” – Lets operators have instant access to commonly-used functions.
    • Home – A programmable feature that lets operators define a Home position as a reference they can use when navigating for long periods.
    • Color – Different display settings let the operator choose between two black and white or three color display schemes that are easy on the eyes and help operators see better.
    • Scene – Provides a variety of pre-set gain and level adjustments so that operators can get the best image quality possible throughout a wide range of conditions.
    • Joystick – The sealed 8-way control knob provides precise control even in rough seas.
    • Ethernet connectivity – Lets you install multiple control stations around your vessel so you can control M-Series from anywhere you want on board.image_3
    • Voyager III joystick control unit